NCP (NCP) protests hike in taxes

Biratnagar, July 15

Nepal Communist Party (NCP) leaders today submitted a memorandum to Biratnagar Metropolitan City Mayor Bhim Parajuli protesting the recent hike in taxes.

Handing over the memorandum, NCP (NCP) leader Namita Neupane accused the metropolis of increasing taxes on whimsical grounds. “The increased taxes are sure to break the backs of commoners, so the decision should be reviewed,” Neupane said, also warning of a serious agitation from July 23 if the demand went unheeded.

“The metropolis has hiked tax from 20 to 1,000 per cent, which is too much, hence there should be a deliberation to make the tax rate reasonable,” she argued, adding that increase in tax on land, business and birth certificate recommendations would affect commoners.

Meanwhile, Mayor Parajuli has argued that it is an ‘adjustment’ more than a hike in taxes. “It's not hiking in taxes, but just an adjustment done in order to increase the metropolis’ income,” he said. As of now, the annual income of the metropolis stands somewhere at 540 million rupees.