NCP Spokesperson Shrestha rules out possibility of revival of monarchy

Hetauda, October 2

Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Spokesperson Narayankaji Shrestha today ruled out the possibility of revival of monarchy in the country.

Speaking at a programme organised in Hetauda, Shrestha said no force could revive monarchy if NCP, the government and democratic parties worked rightly for the country and the people.

“If the government and parties fail to work, no one can stop regressive forces,” Shrestha stated. He urged both the ruling and opposition parties to be united on the issue of development and nation building. “The future of the country is safe if the opposition and ruling parties work in tandem,” he added.

“The government should stop suppressing the opposition and opposition should also stop protesting against the government,” Shrestha said. He stressed the need to formulate uniform national security and foreign policies regardless of the political party leading the government. “As Nepal lies in the buffer zone, the country should formulate uniform national security and foreign policies,” he added.

NCP leader Shrestha said regressive forces had started raising their heads. “Regressive forces are raising their heads on different pretexts. But, they do not pose any threat to the current political system,” Shrestha stated. He accused regressive forces of hatching plot against the popularity of the incumbent government. He said an era of development and prosperity had started as political struggle was over.

Shrestha said media had an important role to make Nepal prosperous and Nepali happy. He urged the journalists to point out the flaws of the government and also to caution the government.