Nechung Customs Office into operation

MUSTANG: Nechung Customs Office has come into operation at Chhoser VDC of the district after 35 years.

The Customs Office has resumed its operation on the occasion of the weekly inter-country trade fair that held along the Nepal-Tibet border area on June 22-29.

The Customs Office has been reopened after a hiatus to bring the transactions recorded during the fair to the ambit of tax and check cross-border illegal trade in coming days, informed Mustang Chief District Officer Narahari Baral.

It has been learnt that Nepal did not receive any revenue amount in the previous years at the import of goods via the customs checkpoint.

"The locals had expressed concern in the beginning. But we held several rounds of discussions before setup of the office. The office operation should be kept on in coordination with local people", he said, adding that the government has also placed this area on high emphasis.

The customs along with border administration office has come to operation to resolve the problems seen along the border area.