Need of ICT in health, education stressed

Kathmandu, June 25

Stakeholders have stressed that government bodies and agencies concerned need to bring clear plans, policy and programmes to implement information and communication technologies in health, education and governance sectors.

While interacting on a research paper ‘Status and Implementation of Action Lines of WSIS beyond 2017’ presented by EICT Nepal Pvt Ltd in the capital today, stakeholders put forward their suggestions. The research paper was presented at a programme titled ‘Multi Stakeholder Workshop on ICT for SDG in Health, Education and Governance’ and supported by Nepal Telecommunications Authority.

The World Summit on Information Society is the UN organisation which aims to bridge the gap between rich and poor countries by spreading access to internet in developing countries.

The research paper has compiled four target areas, out of 10 envisioned by the WSIS. It has suggested improving the teaching and learning process within four years by providing internet connectivity in all primary and secondary schools to aid the education sector.

Similarly, it has proposed digitising all records in health care units and hospitals in the country. In term of good governance, the research paper has suggested providing fully internet-based services to service seekers.

The research forwarded seven different plans and programmes for education, nine for health and 13 for good governance.

Speaking at the programme, NTA Chair DigambarJha said internet service in Nepal is comparatively cheaper than other developing countries, which can help achieve the SDG goals.

Joint secretary of Ministry of Education, Science and Technology BaikunthaAryal said computers were available in 90 per cent of community schools in the country and of them, 30 per cent had access to internet.

Information and technology expert Manohar Prasad Bhattarai said internet connectivity in rural areas should be made available at cheaper rates than in urban areas. Bhattarai also stressed that the government should make clear rules and regulations regarding the same.