Neighbours attack couple for witchcraft

Siraha, April 17

A married couple was recently attacked by their neighbours with khukuris for allegedly practising witchcraft on their daughter at Dhangadhimai in Siraha.

Kushma Devi Yadav, 50, and her husband Asheshwor Yadav, 55, of the municipality were thrashed and stabbed with a khukuri on April 13 by neighbours who accused them of making Anshu Kumari Yadav ill through witchcraft. Police said that the couple are receiving treatment in Lila Madan Polyclinic in Lahan.

A source at the hospital said that Kushma had received deep cuts on her hands, feet, and head while Asheshwor had received injuries on his palms, nose, and other body parts.

The couple was attacked by Anshu Kumari’s father Shiva Kumar Yadav, Bijaya Yadav, and Aasharam Das.

Kushma said that Yadav and Das had come to their house early in the morning on April 13 and attacked them indiscriminately. “They attacked me with batons and a khukuri when I was sweeping the yard,” she said. Kushma added that the culprits then attacked her husband when he attempted to protect her.

DSP Hira Bahadur Pandey at Area Police Office, Lahan, said that police had arrested the three men, and further investigation into the case was under way.