Damak, February 13:

Constituent Assembly chairperson Subas Nembang said today that foreign support was not necessary to draft the new constitution.

Speaking at a press meet organised by Journalists’ Forum here in Jhapa district, Nembang said foreign support was not necessary for the purpose, as Nepalis are capable of writing the new constitution.

“There are many experts within the country to help draft the constitution. The constitution will be drafted with the suggestions of CA members,” Nembang said, adding, “However, foreigners could also send their experiences and suggestions in the course of constitution drafting.”

Saying that 40 teams will be formed to collect suggestions of the people on the new constitution, he said the teams would fan out in each VDCs of the country for the purpose.

“The process of collecting people’s suggestions will start from February 27. I ask all of you to give your valuable suggestions to such teams,” he urged. Nembang also said the constitution would be drafted within the stipulated time. “It is an important achievement for us to have entered the phase of writing new constitution,” he added.

Underlining the role of government, political parties and civil society for constitution drafting, he said the entire nation should be directed towards the constitution-making process. Nembang hoped that the CA would receive constructive suggestions from people for the new constitution. He also said Nepalis residing in foreign countries could send their suggestions via Nepali missions and internet. “Political parties have assured the people that they will draft the constitution on time,” Nembang said, adding, “The parties should not forget their commitments.”