Nembang underlines statute deadline pledge

Narayangarh, December 8:

Constituent Assembly chairman Subas Chandra Nembang today claimed that the constitution would be drafted within the stipulated period.

Speaking at a function organised by the National Women’s Rights Forum Secretariat (NWRFS) today, he said the constitution would be drafted within the stipulated date of May 28, 2010.

He said the newly drafted constitution signed by 601 CA members would be made public by the President. He said the rights of all castes and creeds would be secured in the newly drafted constitution along with the women’s rights and added that that the constitution drafting process had already begun from November 16.

Nembang said that unity was the key factor in drafting the new constitution emphasizing the need of cooperation and harmony between the major political parties.

President of Chitwan chapter of NWRFS Kopila Bhandari, CA members Kalawoti Paswan and Kalpana Dhamala, ANNFSU president Ram Kumari Jhankri among others had spoken in the programme organised by the NWRFS. Nembang further added the understanding had been doned between the parties on forming the various envisaged committees.

Meanwhile, speaking at a press meet called by the Press Chautari Chitwan, Nembang expressed his belief that all political parties would be united for the drafting of the new constitution. Stating that the CPA had clearly mentioned the management and settlement of the Maoist PLA combatants, he blamed the political parties of involving in unnecessary debates over the issue.