CAAN bars retreaded Michelin tyres; NAC Airbus ready for Dubai flight

KATHMANDU: Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) on Tuesday told all international carriers operating in Nepal not to use tyres retreaded by the Michelin Aircraft Tire Company (MATC) until further notice.

The CAAN diktat comes after the Nepal Airlines Corporation's aircraft witnessed a tyre burst while landing at the Tribhuvan International Airport earlier today. The NAC Airbus 320 was coming from New Delhi with 150 people on board when it met with the incident, which forced the closure of TIA runway for an hour.

It was found out that the rear tyre of the NAC aircraft was retreaded by MATC for the third time.

NAC engineers changed the rear tyre late in the evening.

The aircraft is ready to make a scheduled flight to Dubai tonight, according to NAC’s spokesperson Ram Hari Sharma.

Probe panel formed

Ministry of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation has decided to form a high-level committee to investigate into the tyre-burst incident at the TIA.

The panel with eight members will be formed under the chief of aviation accident investigation division Suresh Acharya, according to MoCTCA’s Joint Secretary Ghanashyam Upadhyay.