Kathmandu, February 1

A delegation of the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) which is currently on a visit to Laos has met politburo member of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party and Vice-president Phankham Viphavanh, at the party office at Vientiane, Laos.

The NCP delegation is led by party senior leader and former prime minister Madhav Kumar Nepal. On the occasion, the Laos vice-president said many things were common between Laos and Nepal as they were both land-locked countries. He stressed on the need for the two countries to move ahead by building partnership as they could understand each others’ problems.

Speaking about the prosperity and rapid economic development Laos has achieved under the leadership of the communist party, Viphavanh said the model of people’s participation-oriented development through the use of modern technology and capital was found to be effective for countries like Vietnam.

“We use whatever we have with us. We are ahead in water resources development and much foreign direct investment has been coming in this sector. We too have been promoting it considering our priorities. Neighbours and other big countries are investing in our water resources,” said the Laos vice-president.

Stating that they too are excited by the news of unification between the two big communist parties of Nepal, he expressed confidence that the NCP government would be successful in lifting up the living standard of the Nepali people.

Former PM Nepal shared that development has picked pace in Nepal after the formation of the government under NCP’s leadership. He stated that the experience of Laos would be very useful for Nepal for taking ahead big development projects.

“We are both least developed countries and are land-locked. We have less capital and technology. In this context, the development model you have adopted can be useful for us,” leader Nepal said. He congratulated the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party’s leadership for the rapid economic growth achieved by Laos in recent days.

Leader Nepal recalled the collaboration the two communist parties had been building in various international forums and said he had found a lot of change in Laos since his last visit 21 years ago, said NCP central member Bishnu Rijal, who is also a member of the delegation.

Meanwhile, talks were held between the NCP delegation and the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party at the latter’s headquarters on Thursday. The two parties reached an understanding  on further strengthening relations between the two communist parties and working together in international forums.

The NCP delegation which reached in Laos on Thursday will return home on February 5.