NCP, NC roads in Bajura!

Bajura, February 18

Locals aligned with main opposition Nepali Congress and ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) are busy constructing two separate roads to connect the same village at Triveni Municipality of Bajura.

Supporters of the two parties are constructing separate roads to connect with Kimni village of Triveni Municipality. The road being constructed by NCP is known as NCP road and by the NC is known as NC road. NC supporters are digging the road with budget allocated by the local level, while NCP loyalists are undertaking road construction with the fund received from the provincial government.

Locals pledging allegiance to the NCP are constructing road from Dhogdine to Kimni village while NC supporters are digging the road from Toli Dewaldanda to Kimni village.

NCP supporter Janga Bahadur Budha is chairman of the Road Construction Committee that is digging the road from Dhogdine, while NC supporter Dan Bahadur Saud is chairman of the road construction committee that is building the road from Dewaldanda.

The province government had allocated Rs 5.5 million to construct road from Dhogdine, while the municipality had appropriated Rs 4 million to construct the road from


Meanwhile, two separate roads are under construction to connect to Pandhara gaun of Triveni Municipality-6. NCP and Nepali Congress supporters are digging the two separate roads within a distance of 200 metres. The province government had provided the budget to the NCP loyalists, while the local level had allocated the budget to NC followers for separate roads.

Bale Budha is chairman of the road construction committee started by NC supporters, while Narendra Budha is chairman of the road construction started by NCP loyalists.

Most of the local levels in the district have spent a big chunk of budget on road construction. Some roads have been constructed even without conducting environmental impact assessment, said a source.