Nepal does not need a big army, says Pasang

Kathmandu, January 26:

Deputy Commander of the People’s Liberation Army Nanda Kishor Pun ‘Pasang’ today said that integration of two armies would be meaningful only if it goes along with restructuring of the state.

He said, “Nepal does not need a big army, which will cost the state a lot.” “Let’s contribute to make a small, energetic and sincere army, which will be responsible to the state by all means,” he said, addressing a consultative meeting on Civil-Military Relations in Nepal.

“The integration of the two armies and making a real inclusive and democratic Nepal Army must be a part of the restructuring of the state. It will bear no significance if the new notion is treated solely,” he said.

He said that the concept of New Nepal, that will be materialised through restructuring, is the most important thing we should talk about. “The concept will include many vital issues we have to raise, and the future of the Nepali army will be a part of it.”

“The government, army and the bureaucracy should come above the present state of thinking. Of course, there has been a progress in the recent past but we are looking at some ‘qualitative’ progress.”

Pasang also urged the government and policy-makers to get rid of old “feudal” mentality and cultivate a totally new, progressive and forward-looking mentality, which also is the demand of the people’s movement.

Advocate Bhimarjnun Acharya stressed the need to make a people-oriented army. He also demanded that a provision of retiring disloyal officers be made. Mohan Banjade, the secretary at the Nepal Law Reform Commission, said that a national development force should be formed so that army men can be mobilised in development works.