Light earthquake recorded in Bajura of far-western Nepal

KATHMANDU: A light earthquake of local magnitude 4.0 occurred in far-western Nepal with its epicentre in Bajura district on Saturday late afternoon.

The National Seismological Centre said the earthquake was recorded at around 5:48 pm local time (12:03 UTC).

The coordinates of the epicentre are given as 29.81°N, 81.56°E.

Earlier, the NSC had recorded a light earthquake of local magnitude 4.4 in Bajhang district at 6:06 am on July 2.

Meanwhile, the NSC records show that the last significant aftershock of the April 25, 2015 earthquake was recorded on Thursday, August 25 with its epicentre in Gorkha. The tremor was of local magnitude 4.1.

Earlier, another aftershock of same magnitude was recorded in Dolakha of eastern Nepal on August 8.

The frequency of the tremors of the Nepal earthquake sequence, however, has been decreased.