NEA arrests two dozen for electricity theft in Saptari

RAJBIRAJ: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has arrested two dozen individuals involved in electricity theft from various locations in Saptari district.

A joint monitoring team of the NEA's Rajbiraj-based Distribution Centre and District Police Office (DPO), Saptari arrested 14 persons from Pipara, Balaradaha, Kamalpur and Maleth areas for tapping into the utility poles with hooks to steal electricity, according to the NEA Distribution Centre's Chief Ramudgar Sah.

Likewise, 10 others were arrested from Pathargada, Belhichapena, Nargo VDCs in western Saptari for the same offence.

The NEA has so far arrested 123 individuals for electricity theft and drawn Rs 1.9 million in revenues in the past three months.