Nepal-India border dispute continues

Kanchanpur, May 8

The dispute that erupted between Nepali and Indian nationals living along the Nepal-India border of Kailali and Kanchanpur districts after Indian national Ballu Sardar misbehaved with a Nepali woman in April is yet to be resolved.

Clashes erupted three times between Nepali and Indian nationals living along the border at Sangkatghat of Belauri Municipality over the same issue.

According to Khuna Police Post In-charge Sub-inspector Prem Singh Bhat, the situation turned ugly after an Indian Sardar misbehaved with local Sunita Singh when she was collecting fodder in a forest along the Nepal-India border on April 2.

Though security personnel and people’s representatives of both countries tried their best to normalise the situation, it turned worse due to ego problems between people on both sides of the border. Things took a turn for the worse after local Govinda Shahi and Bhuntu Shahi beat Ballu Sardar’s son when he was approaching Nepal last Sunday.

Following the attack, Indian nationals living along the border have been disturbing the Nepali citizens by shouting and chiding them along the border because of which the folks of Belauri Municipality filed a complaint against them today.

According to Post In-charge Sub Inspector Bhat, as many as 12 Nepali, including Sher Bahadur Shahi, Jagat Shahi and Nagar Bahadur Shahi, among others lodged a complaint against Libu Singh and Bachan Singh, among others, of Kambojnagar in India.