POKHARA: The two-day fifth secretary-level meeting of Nepal and India was extended as the two sides failed to reach an agreement on implementing the Mahakali treaty today.

According to secretary Shankar Koirala, Pancheshwor and Mahalisagar projects were discussed but there had not been a concrete decision. It is also yet to be decided whether Nepal would invest 20 per cent or 30 per cent of the total Pancheshwor project cost. Discussions were held on Laxmanpur dam and the resulting inundation.

Agreements on sharing equal electricity were made for Pancheshwor. Both the countries would purchase the energy from the project at the same price. However, there has not been any discussion on the Mahakali Treaty. Representatives of both the countries discussed Saptakoshi high dam too.

Nepali talks members have said that it would be easy to take a higher level decision once there was a decision on the technical level.