Nepal presents political report at UML meet

Identifies four political forces in society

Kathmandu, June 25:

CPN-UML general secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal, in his political report presented at the 15th central committee meeting today, has identified four political forces in society: regressive royalists, rightist bourgeon reformists, extreme left (Maoist) and revolutionary democratic force.

The report has identified the UML as a “revolutionary democratic force as it has called for total transformation of society adherence to democratic values.”

The report tabled today at the meeting for discussion identified the Nepali Congress, NC-D and other parliamentary forces that make alliance against the revolutionary forces as rightist forces. Terming the royalists a regressive element, Nepal’s report says that it “is looking for an appropriate opportunity” for a regressive move, though it has now become very weak.

“The element is trying its best to get blessing of international forces using its traditional clout and some elements within the political parties,” it says.

Nepal says in his report that the Maoists still represent the extreme leftist force though there has been a sea-change in their mindset following an understanding with the seven-party alliance. “Not only did it agree to give up armed struggle, but also accepted multiparty democracy,” says the report, adding that the Maoists needed to renounce violence and terror tactic to improve their image as a democratic force.

About the party’s organisational strength, Nepal’s report says all the organisations that were forced to squeeze due to violence have gradually systematised and party cadres have started reaching out to the people. “The party has the largest number of cadres and strong people’s base,” it says, adding: “No other party has such kind of wider popular base and cadres’ backing.”

The report says: “There is a tendency to violate the party statute and regulations. Even central-level leaders do not study.”

Govt criticised

Kathmandu: Zonal in-charges of the CPN-UML presented political reports of their respective zones at the second day meeting of the CPN-UML’s 15th central committee that kicked off on Sunday. They presented a rosy picture about the party’s position in almost all districts.

Most of the central leaders accused the government of failing to maintain law and order. The in-charges also flayed the YCL “for its unruly acts”. — HNS