Nepal road accidents kill over 2,000 people every year

KATHMANDU: Police said more than 2,000 people lose their lives in road accidents across Nepal annually.

The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division shared the information today during a programme organised to mark conclusion of a weeklong road safety programme jointly launched by Nepal Red Cross Society and the MTPD to reduce road accidents.

At the closing ceremony, MPTD Chief, Prakash Aryal, said the accidents normally occurred due to high speed while noting the need of organising public awareness campaigns to prevent the mishaps.

The NRCS General Secretary Dev Ratna Dhakhwa said that many had lost their lives due to the high speed. He stressed the need for bringing into practice the first aid treatment more often to save lives.

DSP Rajendra Prasad Bhatta shared that volunteers were mobilised to spread awareness on road safety during the weeklong campaign.

A total of 12,000 students from 45 districts took part in the weeklong drive, he said.