Nepal set to open three new embassies

Kathmandu, December 15:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs today sought permission from the ministries of finance and general administration to open new diplomatic missions in Canada, Kuwait and South Africa.

According to Foreign Ministry spokesperson Suresh Pradhan, the ministry forwarded the proposal to finance and general administration ministries after Foreign Minister Upendra Yadav approved it today.

“Each mission will be a two to three men mission,” said Pradhan, adding that the decision to open new embassies was based on a survey conducted by the ministry. Pradhan himself had led the survey team.

However, the plan to open embassies will materialise only after the cabinet’s nod.

Pradhan said the ministry reached a conclusion to open new missions in the three countries, as they had become popular destinations for Nepalis in recent years.

“Opening a diplomatic mission in South Africa was also necessary because we don’t have any missions in southern parts of Africa,” he added.

Asked if a circular issued by the newly-formed Administration Restructuring Commission, which has asked the government not to create any new posts until the commission completes its task, would prove to be an obstacle in opening new missions, Pradhan said the commission had not fully restricted the creation of new posts.