Nepal to counter Oli, Dahal with note of dissent

Kathmandu, August 19

Senior Nepal Communist Party (NCP) leader Madhav Kumar Nepal is preparing to present his note of dissent over appointment of in-charges in the committees of the party’s sister wings and also express dissatisfaction with the activities of the two Co-chairs of the party Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and Pushpa Kamal Dahal at tomorrow’s central secretariat meeting.

Although Nepal has bitterly accepted his fourth position in the party, he was furious with the party’s co-chairs and stated that the two co-chairs had tried to play between him and his longtime friend Jhalanath Khanal.

The central secretariat meeting of the party had decided yesterday to upgrade Khanal to the third position in the party’s hierarchy. Nepal, who was in the third position, was degraded one position to the fourth rank.

A leader close to Nepal told THT that former prime minister Nepal told Oli during the meeting that he was the one who had asked Oli and Dahal to include Khanal as a senior leader in the third position after the two former parties — CPN-UML and CPN- Maoist Centre — merged in May 2018.

A furious Nepal asked PM Oli to quit one post in the meeting yesterday. Nepal told Oli, “Choose the PM or the party’s chair.” But Oli didn’t reply. “During that time, Oli was not happy with Khanal and he put him in the fourth position in the new party. After more than a year, Oli overturned his previous decision and took Khanal in the same post that Nepal had proposed,” Ghana Shyam Bhusal, a standing committee member told The HimalayanTimes.

Nepal questioned the intention of the two co-chairs in relation to himseld and Khanal. During the meeting, Nepal not only asked that the three vice-chairs — Bhim Rawal, Astha Laxmi Shakya and Yubaraj Gyawali — of the former UML be included in the central secretariat, but he also asked Oli to choose either the PM’s post or the head of the party.

Nepal said the party should follow the ‘one person, one responsibility’ system.

All three vice-chairs of former UML were higher than Bishnu Paudel (now the general secretary) and Ishwar Pokharel (now the central secretariat member and deputy prime minister) in the party.

Paudel was joint-general secretary and Pokharel was general secretary in the former UML. Three vice-chairs and another joint general secretary of former UML were out of the party’s higher central secretariat committee in the new party. A leader close to Nepal said he was also going to write this grievances in his notice.

The leader said Nepal was going to submit a note of dissent to the central secretariat meeting tomorrow. “The draft has been prepared,” the leader said. Nepal’s note of dissent is on the party’s appointment on sister wing committees. The party meeting yesterday appointed in-charges and co-in-charges of the committees of seven sister wings.

Out of seven committees, none of the in-charges were awarded to Nepal’s faction. Four in-charges — Jay Puri Gharti, Hitman Shakya, Agni Sapkota and Pampha Bhusal — belong to Dahal’s faction and three in-charges — Mahesh Basnet, Goma Devkota and Bamdev Gautam — belong to the Oli faction.

Nepal faction was given only two co-in-charges in this list.

According to the NCP leader, tomorrow’s central secretariat meeting will also appoint chairs at the Central Advisory Committee, Senior Citizens Mechanism, Disciplinary Commission, Account Commission, and Administration Commission.

Special committees of the party

  1. Valley Special Committee

  • In-charge: Lila Mani Pokharel
  • Co-in-charge: Bhanu Bhakta


  • Chair: Rajan Bhattarai
  • Secretary: Lekhnath Neupane

  1. Youth and Students Special Committee

  • In-charge: Madhav Dhungel
  • Co-in-charge: Krishna KC
  • Chair: Ramesh Malla
  • Secretary: Sunita Baral

  1. Labour Special District Committee

  • In-charge: Bina Shrestha
  • Co-in-charge: Kumar Paudel
  • Chair: Jagat Simkhada
  • Secretary: Narnath Luitel

  1. Occupation Committee

  • In-charge: Kesad Nepal
  • Co-in-charge: Pramekh Khanal
  • Chair: Prem Parajuli

  1. Industry Professional Special Committee

  • In-charge: Parwat Gurung
  • Co-in-charge: Shashi Shrestha
  • Secretary: Chandra Rijal

  1. Central Coordination Committee

  • In-charge: Chhabilal Bishwokarma
  • Co-in-charge: Dilli Ram Acharya
  • Co-in-charge: Jhakku Subedi

Party’s wing committees

  1. Trade Union

  • In-charge: Jay Puri Gharti
  • Co-in-charge: Binod Shrestha

  1. Farmer

  • In-charge: Bamdev Gautam
  • Co-in-charge: Sunil Manandhar

  1. Women

  • In-charge: Goma Devkota
  • Co-in-charge: Kamala Rakka

  1. Youth

  • In-charge: Mahesh Basnet
  • Co-in-charge: Ram Prasad Sapkota

  1. Student

  • In-charge: Hitman Shakya
  • Co-in-charge: Binod Dhakal

  1. Intellectual

  • In-charge: Agni Sapkota
  • Co-in-charge: Tanka Karki

  1. Occupation Federation

  • In-charge: Pampha Bhusal
  • Co-in-charge: Bishwo Nath Pyakurel