The NC will foil any conspiracy against the second phase of local pollsRamesh Lekhak, Coordinator of NC’s Local Elections Sub-committee
Kathmandu, May 11 Nepali Congress leader Ramesh Lekhak today claimed that his party would win two-thirds of the local levels in the May 14 polls. The first phase of local polls is scheduled for May 14 and the second phase is on June 14. Coordinator of the party’s Local Elections Publicity Sub-committee Lekhak said at a press conference organised by the party here today that his party could win 60 to 65 per cent of local levels. “We are very encouraged by people’s support for our party,” he added. He said the agenda of change, and local development were issues that would matter to voters in the local polls. “Voters know that the NC does what it promises and this party promises only those things that it can deliver,” he added. He said voters knew that the constitution was promulgated under the NC’s leadership and implementation of the constitution would also happen under this party’s leadership. “In the first Constituent Assembly, the NC lost the election and the constitution was not framed. In the second CA, the NC had won and the country got a new constitution,” he added. Lekhak said the CPN-UML joined hands with regressive forces after it forged alliance with those forces that were against the basic elements of the new constitution. Lekhak said that the second phase of local polls would also be held on the stipulated date. “The NC will foil the conspiracy against the second phase of local polls and hold the polls on the stipulated date,” he said. In the second phase of elections, he said, there is possibility of local alliance between forces that abide by the constitution and forces opposed to the constitution.  Lekhak also said that a new government would be formed before the second phase of local polls as per the understanding reached with the CPN-Maoist Centre.  He also said NC candidates’ poll expenses were below the ceiling fixed by the Election Commission.