Congress inching closer to victory in Biratnagar metropolis

Biratnagar, July 8

With only around 13,000 votes left to be counted, the Nepali Congress is all set to celebrate victory in Biratnagar Metropolitan City.

As per the latest data, NC’s Bhim Parajuli is leading CPN-UML’s Binod Dhakal by 5,316 votes in the mayoral race. While Parajuli has received 19,151 votes, Dhakal is trailing with 13,835 votes. Federal Socialist Forum Nepal’s candidate Umesh Yadav has secured 12,677 votes.

Meanwhile, the UML has admitted its defeat in the sub-metropolis. “We’re ready to accept people’s mandate,” said UML Morang Secretary Rishikesh Pokharel, adding his party would now focus on the preparation for the next election.

“We tried our best for victory and even opted for an alliance but all that has gone down the drain due to our internal problems,” Pokharel argued.

After the admission of defeat by the closest contender, NC mayoral candidate Parajuli pledged to do all it takes to give people a sense of change. “Let the results be announced officially, I promise in 100 days you will see a clean Biratnagar, and you will get good riddance of mud and dust,” he said, giving construction and maintenance of roads and sewerage a top priority.

Likewise, NC candidate Indira Karki has consolidated her chance of victory for the post of deputy mayor by securing 16,670 votes,  6,000 more than her closest contender Namita Neupane of CPN-MC, who has received 10,076 votes. Nepal Forum Democratic’s candidate Suchi Chaudhary is trailing with 8,570 votes.

Of 113,000 eligible voters, 80,477 cast their ballots in the metropolis comprising 19 wards. While vote counting of sixteen wards has been concluded, counting in three remaining wards is in progress. As per data, some 13,538 votes of Wards 10, 11 and 12 are left to be counted.