Thapa calls UML a private company for party cadres

Hetauda, April 30

Nepali Congress leader Gagan Thapa today advised the cadres of the ruling CPN-UML to keep a lid on their swagger. Inaugurating Nepali Congress Makawanpur’s district conference in Hetauda today, the Congress leader said, “UML cadres will boast as long as the party is in the government, after that nothing. As for Congress cadres, it doesn’t matter much whether the party is in the government or not.”

Further, Thapa accused the UML of being a private company for its cadres. “UML is a veritable private company with its one million-odd staff,” he quipped.

Thapa scoffed at the protracted unification between leftist forces, and said, “The leaders have blamed some foreign forces for trying to thwart their unification but have fallen short of naming those agents, which is a lie; the unification has been delayed as the leaders are bargaining for post and power,” he observed.

Commenting on his party’s poor performance in the election, Thapa ascribed the electoral defeat to failure of his party to own up to the good things the NC-led government did for the country and question and expose the agenda of the communist parties.

Further, the NC leader accused party cadres of committing treason against the party by not voting for the NC’s official candidates during the election and urged them to review their own weaknesses that led to the party’s defeat in the election.