NC leader Koirala for accepting people’s mandate

Rajbiraj, January 25

Nepali Congress leader Shekhar Koirala has opined that Congress will be better off respecting the people’s mandate and staying in the opposition.

Speaking at a programme in Rajbiraj today, the NC leader urged his party leaders to be ready to be in the opposition and said, “As this is the people’s mandate, we must respect it and let the left alliance take charge of the government,” he opined.

Koirala observed that it was wrong to put the blame for the party’s loss in the election squarely on the party chief.

“We must move ahead by accepting the election results. And as for the loss, everyone of us in the party had some weaknesses and that entirely contributed to our dismal performance, but it’s unfair to point the finger at the party president for the loss,” he said.

“Nepali Congress President and Prime Minister Deuba doesn’t necessarily have to step down from his position, as it is not the ultimate solution to the problem,” he said, pointing to the need to call a Mahasamiti meeting, amend the party statute and hold all party conferences as per party rules.

“Both internal and external factors were responsible for the party’s poor electoral performance. Though there are factions in every political party, when they don’t think about the overall good of the party then comes the problem,” he maintained.

Responding to a query if he was in favour of someone from the Koirala family running the party, Koirala said, “The Koirala family is capable of driving the party, but this does not mean that we must lead the party,” he said, suggesting that his party help the left alliance government.

“If it is for prosperity and development, our party is ready to support the upcoming left government,” he said.