Nepali Congress, Madhesi parties disappointed with Oli’s speech

Kathmandu, November 15

Nepali Congress and Madhesi parties have expressed their dissatisfaction over Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s address to the nation.

Chairperson of Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal Upendra Yadav said PM’s speech failed to provide any way out of the Madhes crisis.


Unofficial Indian blockade has led to humanitarian crisis: PM

He said Oli’s indictment of neighbouring country was not in the interest of Nepal. “His speech is meaningless because it does not spell out any concrete plan to solve problems, including Madhes agitation,” he added.

Nepal Sadbhawana Party Chair Anil Kumar Jha said he expected the PM to spell out plans to end Tarai agitation but instead of offering any solution to the problem he used language of threat and intimidation against the agitating Madhesi parties and undermined Tarai agitation.

Jha said the PM’s address was more like government’s policy and programme speech.

NC Spokesperson Dilendra Prasad Badu said the PM only described the problems facing the nation but did not tell the public how his government would end the blockade.

He said the PM did not mention the root cause of blockade and did not even say anything about what diplomatic initiative he would take vis-à-vis India to resolve the crisis created by blockade.

“The PM talked of getting fuel and other goods from China, but he did not say about the status of the government’s initiative. PM’s address has disappointed the people who were expecting solution to the problems,” Badu added.