Nepali Congress not fielding candidates for Speaker, Deputy Speaker

KATHMANDU: The main opposition Nepali Congress has decided not to field its candidates in the election for Speaker and Deputy Speaker.

Though the party had announced earlier that it would vie for all vital posts, including that of Speaker and President, a meeting of the office-bearers, held at Nepali Congress President Sushil Koirala's residence this morning, took decision to this effect.

The largest party maintained that it was not fielding candidates in order to keep the posts "neutral".

The Parliament is scheduled to elect new Speaker and Deputy Speaker today.

The ruling coalition has decided to field former Deputy Speaker Onsari Gharti as the candidate for the post of Speaker and Ganga Prasad Yadav for that of Deputy Speaker.

Gharti is affiliated with UCPN-Maoist while Yadav with the Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal.

The candidates will have to file their nominations at 2 pm.

The Parliament is scheduled to hold the elections for Speaker and Deputy Speaker have been scheduled for 3 pm  and 5 pm respectively as per the transitional provisions in the new Constitution.

Article 299 of Nepal’s Constitution

(2) If the session of the Legislature Parliament is ongoing at the time of commencement of this constitution, then from the date of the commencement of the constitution; and if the parliament is not in session, then from the date of the summoning of the session under Clause (6) of Article 296; within twenty days the Speaker and Deputy Speaker shall be elected on the basis of political understanding by the members of the Legislature Parliament from amongst themselves.

(3) If political understanding cannot be reached as per clause (2), the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker shall be elected by simple majority of the current members of the Legislature Parliament.

(4) While electing Speaker and Deputy Speaker as per clause (2) and (3), the Speaker and Deputy Speaker shall belong to different political parties representing at the Legislature Parliament.


Ruling parties pick Gharti for Speaker