House adjourned following Nepali Congress obstruction

KATHMANDU: The Legislature-Parliament has been adjourned till December 1 following obstruction by the House business by the main opposition party Nepali Congress on Thursday.

Nepali Congress lawmakers objected to Speaker Speaker Onsari Gharti after she provided Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal Chairman Upendra Yadav with time to speak at the House.

They demanded that time be allotted to the main opposition party first.

Amid hullabaloo, Speaker Gharti asked the Nepali Congress lawmakers to be seated and let lawmaker Upendra Yadav speak as he raised his hand first to speak. "I have already allotted time to Mananiya Upendra Yadav to speak. I will allot time (to others also) to speak on the basis of party (daliya aadhar)," she said

The Nepali Congress lawmakers, however, continued obstructing the House, seeking explanation of the daliya aadhar.