Nepali Congress leaders and cadres attending the Gandaki Province gathering, in Pokhara, on Tuesday, September 25, 2018. Photo: THT
Pokhara, September 25 Nepali Congress General Secretary Shashank Koirala today said the party statute should be amended in such a way as to make the party dynamic. Koirala also stressed the need to accommodate BP Koirala’s ideology to make the party proactive. Addressing the NC Gandaki province level gathering to collect suggestions for amendment of the NC’s statute in Pokhara, Koirala held the party could not be made dynamic if due consideration was not given to the provisions to be amended. “BP’s ideology has to be given importance while amending the NC statute.” He reiterated the statute should be amended with the party at the centre. Koirala said the party statute should incorporate ethnic groups, youths, females and all other groups. “The statute should be amended in accordance with the provisions of the country’s constitution. A big responsibility has fallen on the NC’s shoulders. I want you to suggest amendments.” At the programme, Gandaki Province Coordinator for collection of statute amendment suggestions Farmulla Mansur said they would prepare the modality for statute amendment by collecting suggestions from 77 districts.