Chitwan, February 4

Nepali Congress spokesperson Bishwo Prakash Sharma has vowed to take up cudgel against the government’s wish to impose communist rule in the country.

“We know how far North Korea has reached in terms of development with a 60-year-old communist regime there. We can’t afford to sit by and watch communist rule being introduced here now,” said the NC spokesperson, speaking at the party’s protest meeting in Narayangadh today.

“The government is carrying the dream of turning the country into Switzerland and treading the authoritarian path shown by North Korea. This is unfortunate,” he added.

Sharma cited his party’s successful struggle against the autocratic Rana regime and monarchy and argued that Congress was the only party capable of rescuing the country during major crises.

“The communist government has failed to perform as per people’s expectation and endangered the achievements made so far, namely republicanism and federalism. But government failure does not necessarily mean our gains are at stake as Congress will always be there to protect the hard-earned gains,” Sharma said.

The Congress leader also stressed the need to unify the party and move ahead unitedly. A huge number of locals participated in the rally that started from Chaubiskothi of Bharatpur and concluded in a corner meeting at Pulchowk of Narayangadh later.