Nepali migrants returning to India for employment


People from different districts of Lumbini and Karnali provinces have started moving towards India for employment after the festivals.

People thronged Jamunaha border point to head to India for the past few days. The people were headed to different cities of India for jobs after the Nepal-India border opened. The border was closed for long due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to In-charge Bishnu Giri at Area Police Office, Jamunaha, around 200 Nepalis were heading towards India from Jamunaha border point on a daily basis. He said police at the border kept records of people heading to India for job and treatment. Giri added Nepalis could easily go to India through the border. “We will resolve the problems, if any, in coordination with Indian security when the people head to India,” he said.

Gopal BK of Surkhet said they were forced to leave for India to earn as there was no other alternative to make ends meet.

He said the government had provided nothing for them during the lockdown period. “We headed towards Kalapahad due to our compulsion,” he added.

Nepali workers head to India for seasonal work and return to celebrate festivals.

Another worker, Karna Bahadur Rawal of Jajarkot said they had to go to India despite the difficulty as they could not get a job in the country. “We are compelled to go to India to run the family,” he said.

People from Rukum, Rolpa, Jajarkot, Dailekh and Salyan, among other districts of Karnali Province, have been heading towards India for employment.

Police said Nepali citizens mostly go to Kalapahad and Shimla, among other places in India, for employment. Police said Nepali citizens had returned to their houses following the spread of coronavirus in India.

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