Nepali security officials hold talks with Indian counterparts on border security

BHIMDATTANAGAR: Nepali security officials held talks with their Indian counterparts on controlling security problems on the Nepal-India border on Monday.

As part of the community security strengthening project to reduce the armed violence on the border, the City Security Committee at Dodhara in Kanchanpur yesterday held talks with Inspector Balbir Singh of the Seema Suraksha Bal, Indian border security force at Naujaliya and Deputy Superintendent of Police Subendra Singh at Matatanda police beat on the matter, Nepali security officials informed.

Inspector Kamal Baduwal, coordinator of the security committee and chief of the Area Police Office at Dodhara and Amir Tiruwal, facilitator of the project also participated in the meeting from Nepali side.

After the meeting, DSP Singh said that the talks focusing on controlling crime, human trafficking and smuggling of arms on the border among others, concluded on a positive note.