Nepali woman stranded in Prague for a week

KATHMANDU: A Nepali woman has been left high and dry in Prague of the Czech Republic for seven days after she was robbed of her belongings including passport and money, and is waiting for travel document to reach her from the Nepali Embassy in neighbouring Germany.

Writing a status on Facebook, Nivida Lamichhane, who hails from Kathmandu, has expressed her frustration over the red tape at the Nepali mission that, according to her, expressed its inability to issue the travel document based on her email as documents that she sent via post last week has not reached there yet.

"I have always been a patriot, but witnessing the way Nepal works- even overseas makes me want to smash windows and burn tyres. I was asked to send a photograph of mine along with a letter supporting my cause via post to Berlin last week. I did that the same day they asked me to spending 50Euros (When suddenly in a foreign land, I'm broke). The letter has not yet reached Berlin- don't know why," she wrote.

"In between conversations and consequences put across by the Nepali embassy- that did not seem legitimate, I am stuck here in Czech Republic. When asked why the embassy can't take a scanned copy of my photograph and print it for the Travel Document, they say it can't be done," Lamichanne grieved, "I am sick of communicating with the embassy and sticking to their unnecessary rules."

"I remember how a friend of mine got his American passport a day after filing the complaint -FOR FREE in Nepal . Here, I'm expected to pay 240 Euros and wait for three weeks."

According to Lamichhane, her visa expires in a week and her tickets to Nepal are dated May 13. "I hope I make it on time. I have no more energy to fight for a simple document stating it's okay for me to go back home," she wrote, "On the second thought, I miss home. Immensely."

She has posted a photograph of hers along with the status. "This photograph speaks Europe for me. Two sleepless nights in a row followed by constant weeping just to hold myself together while in despair."

"What initiated this was being mugged in Prague, Czech Republic. After losing all my money, valuables and most importantly -my passport as soon as I got to Prague is one of the worst things that have happened to me. Stuck in the country for the past 7 days waiting to receive a document from the Nepali embassy in Berlin has not been a comforting experience. Giving up on the plan that I had for myself for a Europe trip made my heart wrench."

She further asked her friends on Facebook to see if they can help her by drawing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' attention towards her case or in any other way.

"If anyone of you reading this has connections in the Foreign Ministry or know any way of helping me out, please do.. I realised that things only work through connections in Nepal."


Nivida Lamichhane said the Berlin-based Nepali Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Kathmandu contacted her today with assurance to help her return home.

After social media users drew the attention of authorities, the Prime Minister and the Minister for Foreign Affairs about Lamichhane's plight, the government's Hello Sarkar Twitter handle responded saying MoFA has been told to take action on the matter.

@Poonam_Maharjan @PM_Nepal @KTnepal च.नं.: ३२२६१ बाट कारवाहीका लागि परराष्ट्र मन्त्रालयमा पठाइएको छ । पनि हेर्नुहोला

— HelloSarkar (@Hello_Sarkar) May 8, 2016

"I never knew Facebook was so powerful! My inbox is flooded with messages full of love and support. Thank you all- so much. I have never been happier and proud of my fellow Nepali citizens!," she wrote after the officials in Berlin and Kathmandu called her up.

"I just heard from the Nepali Embassy in Berlin and got to know that they have been trying hard to get me back home too! Also, the Foreign Ministry from Nepal called me and gave me assurance about making it back home soon."