Networking sites connecting Biratnagar youths for social cause

Biratnagar, August 23

Hundreds of youths, who got connected through social networking sites, have joined the rehabilitation project for the flood victims of Biratnagar.

Sabin Dahal of Biratnagar wrote on his facebook status on August 12 that a team of youths was on standby to extend support to flood victims. Following Dahal’s status, a large of number of youths showed their willingness to extend their support to the needy ones.

As a result, a huge group of Biratnagar youths gathered to initiate rescue and relief distribution for victims in flood-hit areas last Saturday. “Facebook page played a critical role in connecting those youths for the humanitarian cause,” said Dahal. Scores of youths involved in rescue, relief and rehabilitation used social media to communicate and inform about the social problems and their activities. Now, they have been extending their support to carry out awareness programmes in health and sanitation.

During heavy rainfall, they reached the banks of the swollen rivers to evacuate the locals, after being informed that the rain would not stop. They have also formed a Youth Mobilisation Committee, which is coordinated by Dipak Chapagain, of late.

“This committee was formed with the initiative of Biratnagar Metropolitan City and it will carry out various activities for social reforms and unity. The youths have been engaged in rehabilitation and sanitation activities after the devastating floods,” said Chapagain.

He said the youths were mobilised in coordination with various social organisations to repair damaged houses and carry out cleanliness and health awareness campaigns in different residential areas. “Youths of the new generation have energy and are determined to spread social awareness and help with rehabilitation work. This move has also helped to establish social harmony and mutual respect,” said another youth Pushpa Basnet.

Meanwhile, Biratnagar Mayor Bhim Parajuli said that scores of youths were enthusiastically dedicated to rescue, relief and rehabilitation work in the aftermath of the flood disaster. “We succeeded in mitigating human loss and property loss because of the selfless contribution of more than 500 Biratnagar youths,” said Parajuli, adding that he would mobilise youths for the development of the metropolis in the days to come.