Neurosurgeon quits, BPK Hospital hit

Sunsari, April 23

The neurosurgery department at BP Koirala Institute of Health and Sciences in Dharan, Sunsari has been badly hit after the resignation of the neurosurgeon associate professor Dr Gunaraj Poudel.

Dr Poudel resigned from his post at BPKIHS a few days ago.

Other senior doctors in the hospital are also reportedly planning to resign, citing bad work environment in the health institute, and lack of facilities at the hospital.

A source at the hospital said that senior doctors, including Deputy Director Dr Pashupati Chaudhary were planning to resign as they were reportedly unhappy with Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Raj Kumar Rauniyar’s administration. Dr Rauniyar, was appointed to the post some months ago.

The doctors are dissatisfied with Dr Rauniyar’s near-autocratic administration and inability to maintain a healthy work environment.

Deputy Director Chaudhary has been working for the past six months in the absence of a hospital director.