‘New action plans to be implemented’

Pokhara, December 25

Nepal Communist Party (NCP) spokesperson Narayankaji Shrestha today clarified that the upcoming party standing committee meeting would focus on strengthening the government and giving the party organisation full shape.

“The government has brought a number of new action plans and commitments, and the upcoming standing committee meeting will help us devise a policy that will facilitate the government to successfully implement these action plans and fulfil these commitments,” he said.

“There are many issues such as the recently introduced social security scheme, implementation of federalism, relations with immediate neighbouring countries and the likes, the meeting will discuss these issues,” he said, dismissing outright the chances of a reshuffle in the government.

“It’s after a long time the communist party has been able to gain a majority government. So the party will do everything to help the government tread on the right track so as to leave a lasting impression on the country,” he said.