More new faces in Morang polls

Biratnagar, November 25

Most of the candidates from major political parties vying for the upcoming polls in Morang are new faces.

The district has six constituencies for the Parliament and 12 for provincial assembly. Jivan Acharya from the left alliance is a new face in politics. He is contesting the provincial assembly elections in constituency-6 ‘Ka’. NC’s provincial assembly candidate from constituency-6 ‘Kha’  Kedar Karki, 43,  is a well-known youth leader. Gita Timsina, 35, is vying a provincial assembly seat representing the left alliance from constituency-3 ‘Ka’.

Likewise, Suryamaraj Rai from NC is contesting the provincial polls from the same constituency. A former combatant, Timsina is joint secretary of CPN-Maoist Centre, Morang whereas Rai has remained an NC activist in the region. Raj Kumar Ojha, 45, from the left alliance and Lalit Bahadur Shrestha, 42, from NC are contesting the provincial polls from Constituency-3 ‘Kha’ of the district.

Similarly, Ganesh Upreti, 39, is the left alliance’s candidate for the provincial assembly election from constituency-2 ‘Ka’.

Kul Prasad Shamba, 38, is CPN-Maoist Centre’s second generation leader. He is contesting the provincial assembly polls from constituency-1 ‘A’  from the left alliance.

Left alliance’s candidate for constituency-4 ‘Ka’ Bijay Biswas Tharu, 38, is a district level leader of the CPN-Maoist Centre. Likewise, NC’s candidate Rajesh Kumar Gupta is contesting the provincial assembly polls from constituency-5 ‘Kha’.

Left alliance’s candidate for the parliamentary polls from constituency-4 is Amanlal Modi who is just 32 years old. In the second Constituent Assembly polls, Modi was the youngest CA member from the Maoist party.  NC has fielded Sunil Sharma, 39,  for a seat in the Parliament from Constituency-3.