New procedure for easy data access floated


The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration has developed the model “Procedure on Establishment and Operation of Information and Record Centre” for local levels.

The procedure shall come into force after approval by the village/municipal executive bodies. The procedure aims to make service delivery at the local levels technology-based by systematising production, collection, processing, protection, dissemination and distribution of data related to socioeconomic, demographic, cultural aspects, administrative conditions, and natural resources in their respective areas.

As per the procedure, the village/municipal executive concerned shall establish an information and record centre to ensure effective management and storage of data pertaining to the local level in conformance with the standard prescribed by the National Information and Technology Centre.

“The information and record centre shall maintain records of information and data produced and distributed from the department, division, section, agency and ward offices of the local level by preparing digital copies thereof,” it says.

The responsibility of managing necessary physical and human resources for such centres shall lie with the village/municipal executive concerned. The procedure requires the main server of the centre to be placed on the centre’s premises. “Audio-visual citizen charter, grievance handling information system, toll-free number, audio-visual notice board, token system, village/municipal profile, CCTV cameras, email, census data, geo-information and online meeting software shall be operated in the ward/village/municipal executive offices and other administrative units in an integrated manner,” the procedure reads.

The centre is operated on a regular basis, except on public holidays. Data and information prescribed by the village/municipal executive shall be provided to all free of charge. However, the copies of the local gazette are subject to charge as specified by the village/municipal executive.

The office of the village/municipal executive shall make arrangements for an information officer to disseminate available data and information at the centre. The functions, duties and powers of the information officer are to collect information, data and records published by offices under the purview of the local level, categorise the data and information that may be provided to the public on request, make provision of telephone, internet, computer and fax in the centre, ensure easy access for citizens to information and the offices shall update data and information every three months.