New York marks Nepal quake anniv

  • Stresses on ‘rebuild Nepal through tourism’ 

KATHMANDU: The New York Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) in collaboration with The Consulate General of Nepal in New York and The Bansal Foundation organised The Reopening of Nepal Tourism after the earthquake of 2015 on May 3 in New York, USA. As per a press release, more than 100 travel professionals marked the anniversary of Nepal’s quake with briefings by experts on Nepal designed exclusively for travel trade to spur rebuilding efforts through tourism.  The event was organised for networking, presentations and socialising with Tourism officials from Nepal, US based tour operators selling hospitality, marketing and airlines.

One of the featured speakers at the event was Jeff Greenwald, an Oakland-based author and journalist who had lived in Nepal and had done a great deal of reportage since the earthquake. “Tourism is still one of the lynchpins of Nepal’s economy. Half million people in Nepal depend on tourism for their livelihoods. It’s the one thing all Nepalis told me they want more of,” Greenwald is quoted to have said.

Greenwald shared his experience of being moved by the artistic potential of the children in Camp Hope — a temporary settlement camp for earthquake victims. Greenwald hoped to bring some of the young quake survivors to the Bay Area next winter for an exhibition of their work. “Camp Hope has literally changed the direction of my life. I encourage you to visit these camps and visit these kids.”

Encouraging people to visit Nepal was Rebecca Slater, President of the Sausalito-based sales rep company Rebecca Recommends. “I encourage anyone who has ever wanted to experience Nepal, or who wants to make a difference to the country, to travel there now. It offers a rich cultural experience, spirituality, a genuine warmth and welcome from the local people and a magnitude of the great outdoors,” Slater .