Newly formed local bodies take charge

Hetauda, March 14

Local bodies of Makawanpur have started work as per the newly-adopted federal structure.

The district has a total of 10 bodies, including one sub-metropolis and one municipality and eight rural municipalities.

According to Makawanpur District Coordination Committee planning officer Kisan Neupane, the new local bodies have been provided with the necessary logistics, including letter pads, stamps and sign boards. Besides, acting executive officers have also been appointed for each of the eight rural municipalities.

Of the eight rural municipalities, Shukraraj Rai, Tara Prasad Acharya, Bishworaj Lama, Yubaraj Poudel, Minraj Koirala, Chun Narayan Shrestha, Manoj Lamichhane and Raj Kumar Subedi have been appointed as acting executive officers for Bagamati, Bakaiya, Bhimfedi, Makawanpur Gadhi, Manahari, Raksirang, Kailash and Indra Sarobar rural municipalities respectively.

Meanwhile, at a time when the new local bodies have started functioning, local political parties have expressed sincere reservations regarding the proposed rural municipalities centres, identifying them as different from what had been agreed upon by political parties earlier. Regarding this, Neupane, however, clarified that the change was meant to be temporary until the election.

“As it’s not possible to furnish the centres with necessary infrastructure before the polls, the centre will prevail, at least until the polls,” he said, pointing out the possibility for the newly elected bodies to change the name and the centre of the local bodies within two months after the election.

Makawanpur had one sub-metropolis, one municipality and 35 village development committees earlier.