Newly found cave awaits conservation, promotion

Palpa, January 26

Newly discovered cave in Rampur Municipality of Palpa district is in shadow due to lack of proper preservation and promotion.

Locals had discovered the 150-metre long cave at Bhudrung Ghat, near the banks of the Bhuladi River in April 2018.

According to local Dinesh Kumal, what distinguishes the cave among dozen of other caves in the locality are enchanting images of Shivalinga, elephants, conch and Hindu deities on its walls. Kumal said the cave had been attracting locals ever since he brought the cave’s existence to the notice of local authority.

“The cave, which has a narrow entrance, is wide inside,” said Buddhi Prasad Regmi, chairperson of Laxmi Narayan Temple Management Committee.

It could accommodate as many as 1,000 people. But to check unprecedented accidents that might occur while exploring the newly discovered cave, the local municipality has decided to prohibit visitors from entering it, Regmi said. He said it would take around an hour to thoroughly go around the cave.

The locals, including Kumal and Regmi have drawn the attention of Rampur Municipality for study, preservation and promotion of the cave. The cave could be promoted as an attractive tourism destination and it could be a good source of revenue for the municipality, said Regmi.