Newly-weds cast out of VDC for inter-caste union

SINDHULIMADHI: A newly married couple has been forced to leave Ranibas VDC for their inter-caste union. Prakash Bishwakarma and Yasoda Thapa Magar had tied the knot on February 7.

Bishwakarma disclosed the reality to mediapersons in Sindhulimadi, the district headquarters, today. "We are barred from entering the village,'' he lamented. "We liked each other and got married in a temple.'' He said he has been living in the headquarters with his wife following the marriage. A meeting convened by Uddhav, Yasoda's uncle, decided not to allow their entry into the village.

"We have nowhere to go,'' Bishwakarma shared his predicament. He urged Sanjaya Dahal, district president of the Federation of Nepali Journalists, to help out. "My parents are happy but I can't go home with my wife since my in-laws are infuriated with us,'' Prakash added. The district chapter of the Dalit Sewa Sangh has been sheltering the newly-weds.