Nine cases of kala-azar in Sunsari

ITAHARI: Nine cases of kala-azar have been recorded in parts of Sunsari district till mid-May, the Sunsari District Public Health Office (DPHO) reported.

The DPHO has started sprinkling insecticides to kill mosquitos in Aurabani, Rajgunjsinuwari, Panchkanya, Barahakshetra and Dharan areas, where cases were found.

"We are planning to distribute mosquito nets to the poor and needy families," Shreeram Shah, the DPHO chief said. Instead of injections, which used to be commonly given to the patients, the health office has given capsules to treat the disease.

According to Shah, the number of patients has, however, decreased this year. Fourteen persons suffered from the disease in 2006, 50 in 2007 and 49 in 2008 in the district.