Nirmala’s vaginal swab matches her mother’s DNA

DHANGADI: Nirmala’s vaginal swab has matched with her mother’s DNA sample, police said. Nirmala Panta, 13, of Kanchanpur was raped and murdered on July 26, and the culprit is yet to be arrested.

Earlier, amidst doubt that the vaginal swab was genuine, Nirmala’s mother’s blood sample was taken for a DNA test on January 9. “The blood sample was sent to Central Forensic Lab in Kathmandu. Today we got the report of the DNA test, which has authenticated the vaginal swab,” said SP Kubersingh  Kathayat of Kanchanpur District Police Office. This has eliminated any doubt that there had been a mistake while collecting the vaginal swab of the victim.

Following pressure of rights activists, Nirmala’s mother Durgadevi allowed her blood to be tested, while her father Yagyaraj Panta refused to cooperate.