Dalits of Gaur totally ignored by committee


Though the Constituent Assembly Secretariat dispatched the draft constitution to villages through VDC secretaries on July 14, it is yet to reach Dalit residents of Gaur Municipality.

The draft statute had not reached Mussahari and Dhagar settlements of the municipality till on sunday. Locals complained that nobody reached their residence with draft constitution so far. At a time when various teams have been deployed to all the districts o collect feedback, these two Dalit settlements have been left out.

Jogi Raut, 60, of the Musahari settlement expressed ignorance about the draft constitution. “The leaders come to our households to seek votes but never return.

There are around 52 households in the Musahari area and they demanded assurance of education, employment, citizenship, and land, among others, in the constitution. Dipendra Mahara, a teacher of Dhagar Tole, said that nobody had reached their locality for feedback, neither did they see the draft statute. “I have heard that feedback collection is scheduled for tomorrow. But what kind of suggestion can we provide without reading it?” he questioned.

A two-member team led by Uttam Prasad Kharel of Constituent Assembly Secretariat has arrived in Rautahat. According to team member Narayan Basnet, they distributed the draft in all 84 VDCs and three municipalities.

However, he vowed to hold discussions with local development officer and municipality executive officer about why residents of the headquarters’ adjoining settlements were deprived of the draft.