No alternative to party unification, says Mahara

Pokhara, January 17

CPN-Maoist Centre leader Krishna Bahadur Mahara today said there was no alternative to party unification between the CPN-MC and CPN-UML, at this hour.

Speaking at a press meet organised by Press Centre in Pokhara,  Mahara reiterated that people had given the mandate for party unification through their votes. “The people have given us a clear mandate for party unification. Hence there is no alternative to party unification,” said Mahara.

He also clarified that there was no problem between the two political forces with regard to going for a merger. “It is usual that the unification process is taking time as we have to settle numerous issues related to ideological and other differences besides deciding on the organisational structure of the new party. However, there should be no doubt about party unification,” claimed Mahara.

The Maoist leader also said extensive discussions were under way between top leaders of the two communist parties and the party unification coordination committee. He further said  chairs of both the parties would together finalise the unification process after UML Chair KP Sharma Oli returned from abroad. Mahara added that the two forces would forge alliance for National Assembly elections as well.

He also argued that the incumbent government was dilly-dallying, instead of stepping down, on the pretext of constitutional hurdles.