No need to join Maoist govt: Bastola

Jhapa, May 11:

Nepali Congress central member Chakra Prasad Bastola today said the party should not join the new government to be formed under the Maoist leadership.

He said claiming that it would be meaningless to join the new government.

The Interim Constitution has provided two methods for formation of a government — consensus or by gaining two-third majority in the CA — and it is silent on who can claim to form a government — the largest party in the CA or any other party, he said while talking to journalists at his residence in Birtamod.

The CA members will frame a new constitution and function as a legislature, he said.

All parties need to work together since consensus is the only standard for formulating all guidelines henceforth. The two-third majority can be sought if consensus fails to materialise, he said.

If the NC has to join the government as per a consensus among the parties, there should be discussion with the parties regarding guarantee of basic rights ensured by the constitution and sharing the power in a best possible way, he said.

He also expressed doubts that the Maoists, who have been intimidating people and threatening to take to the streets if they were not given a chance to lead the new government, would be able to frame a constitution acceptable to the international community.

He said though the first meeting of the constituent assembly would announce implementation of a republican order, it can only stop allowances to the king and expel him from the Narayanhity palace.

The constitutional approval of a republican order is guaranteed only after it is written in a new constitution, he said.