Kathmandu, February 22:

Judicial Council headed by Chief Justice Kedar Prasad Giri today decided to disallow the promotion of senior judges if he or she was going to retire soon.

“The decision was taken because some of the chief judges in the appellate courts were appointed just for a few days for their personal benefit. They were appointed so that they could get a higher pension. It is pointless to promote anyone for that reason only,” JC member Basudev Dhungana told this daily.

Recently, acting chief judges Kamananda Dev and Bhogendra Bahadur Karki retired before

even being confirmed as chief judges.

According to Dhungana, the meeting held today had also discussed the appointment of ten chief judges in appellate courts and two acting chief judges.

“After that we will appoint other judges of the appellate courts,” he added. There are 33 vacant posts in the appellate courts, including 10 posts of chief judges.

The JC has also sought the Nepal Bar Association’s support to appoint the judges in the appellate courts. According to a source, the JC had requested the NBA to recommend appropriate candidates for the vacant posts.

“Today’s meeting was just a preliminary session for the appointment of judges in the appellate courts,” Dhungana said adding, “We may appoint the judges on Tuesday.”