'No violence against women'

BIRENDRANAGAR: Religious leaders of Surkhet have expressed commitment to fight against violence against women. During an interaction organised by the Single Women Surkhet here recently, the religious leaders promised to collaborate to fight against violence against women.

Speaking at the programme, Chief District Officer Rudra Prasad Paudel said that the role of religious leaders would help tremendously to uproot violence against women.

Local Development Officer Yagya Prasad Bhattarai said that the support of religious leaders was essential to fight against violence against women. Chief of Women Development Office, Bharati Shah, emphasised the need for women to be treated equally as men to reduce violence against women.

Bhawani Rana, central vice-chairperson, Sathi Sanstha, said that incidents of violence against women were on the rise due to political instability and lawlessness in the country.

A 13-member inter-religious and social cordial forum was also formed with a view to launch a religious campaign against violence against women. It is said that the forum will pressure the authorities concerned to curb violence against women and provide justice to the victims.