Noble way to cope with water woes

Lalitpur, May 20 :

Tired of erratic supply of water, locals of Patan, following a meeting today, decided to collect water from three stone spouts located at Kumbheshwor at night, manage it and distribute it through pipelines during daytime on a regular basis.

Following the meeting, the Stone Spout Conservation Committee Lalitpur decided to replicate the water collection and distribution system adopted at Alok Hiti (a stone spout), which has been supplying water to over 200 households and charging Rs 100 as water tariff per month.

Thanks to digging of wells and boring in by locals at the sources of water, discharge of water from stone spouts located in Lalitpur has been erratic for quite some time.

Discharge of water from stone spouts of Chhayasal -9, Kumbeshwore, and Tapahiti ward 22 and Sundhara became erratic this year after people dug wells and began boring in the sources feeding the spouts.

Blaming locals of Kumbeshwore and Tapahiti for misusing the sources feeding the stone spouts of Kumbeshwore and Tapahiti, the locals of ward number 22 had destroyed over 40 borings in April.

Aroj Khadgi, chairperson of the Kumbeshwore Drinking Water Supply and Conservation Committee, said, “We have decided to settle the dispute by collecting water from three stone spouts at Kumbeshwore Hiti at night.”