Nomadic Rautes try hand at vegetable farming

DADELDHURA: Rautes of Dadeldhura district have been engaging themselves in commercial vegetable farming lately after they found this profession lucrative.

Members of this nomadic tribe earlier would survive on wild fruits and roots, and on donations. However, they have found their calling in the farming foreign to them, citing a good income they are getting from the profession.

For example, Dan Singh Raute, who grows cabbages, tomatoes and potatoes, earns Rs 10,000 a month from the farming.

Meanwhile, Rautes have also started saving money earned from the farming.

The District Agricultural Development Office and various non-governmental organisations have provided technical support to them.

However, Rautes are complaining that there is not a good access to market for their produces.

As a result of this, they, according to Raute chieftain Khadka Singh Raute, are selling the produces at a throwaway price.