Non-amendment to statute weakening federalism: Yadav

Biratnagar, February 16

Chairman of Samajwadi Party-Nepal Upendra Yadav today said the government’s disregard of the need to amend the statute had weakened federalism.

Speaking at a press meet organised by Press Nepal in Biratnagar, Yadav argued that amendment to the constitution was indispensable to empower the province.

Yadav accused the incumbent government of trying to impose totalitarianism in the country. He charged that the government was making bills to curtail the free press, bring the Nepali Army under the prime minister and seize people’s right to privacy.

Yadav said his party had quit the government after the government failed to implement the agreement inked with his party. He charged that Prime Minister Oli was against federalism. “When I presented the proposal to amend the constitution at the Cabinet meeting, Oli rejected it. It shows Oli is against federalism,” Yadav said.

Yadav alleged that the government was working to weaken federalism. Instead of empowering the provinces by formulating laws, the government is making laws against the spirit of democracy and federalism, Yadav alleged.